A Dance Community Resource

After a wonderful callers workshop at Pinewoods American Week 2004, we decided that we wanted to try and keep the class going on in some way. We hoped that we could still draw on the support from Tom Hinds and the other experienced callers as well as their knowledge. To that end, we created the callers e-mail discussion group to discuss Contra and Traditional Square dance calling.

Our hope is to create a place where callers can support each other by sharing material; reviewing and commenting on programming; and discussing topics from style to music to business issues. As new callers ourselves, we hope to create a place that will allow new callers to learn and grow not just with one mentor, but many.

With the callers list well established and a wonderful community built, we felt that it was time to expand the mission of SharedWeight to the other aspects of producing a traditional contra or square dance. We have now added mailing lists for Organizers and Musicians to support each other and help those new to their roles grow and thrive. As organizers and musicians ourselves now, we hope to create similar places to the Callers' list where learning and discussion is encouraged.

Chris Weiler and Seth Seeger, June 2007